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    Rabbit care links Empty Rabbit care links

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    Rabbit care links.
    Rabbit references
    House rabbit society
    Rabbits at about.com
    Safe veggies
    ABCs of veggies

    The best pellets for adult bunnies
    Oxbow Bunny T
    pellets for young buns
    Oxbow Bunny 15/23

    Also oxbow hay is one of the best! You can also get hay at local farms,if you have any. Much cheaper and alot more for your money!
    Oxbow hay

    Remember,alfalfa hay and pellets are for young bunnies. Adult bunnies need timothy pellets and grass hays. Some buns do not like timothy pellets. If that is the case,then as long as you limit feed yours,they will be fine. There is a guide on the bags of oxbow or whatever brand you have that has the recommended amount to feed. My two buns,both adults,get 1/4 cup a day of pellets. Other than that,they munch on hay all day.

    I also recommend if you can find it,wood pellets for the litter box. Yes rabbits can be litter trained! It is quite handy. I used something called Woody Pet but could not find this last time around. So i went to Agway and they have their own brand of wood pellets. There are other litters you can use. Carefresh,aspen,aspen pellets,recycled newspaper pellets. Just stay away from pine or cedar.

    If you know of any other links,please let us know and we will add them to the list.

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